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Industry Introduction

To control the increasing levels of carbon emission in the environment, governments and vehicle manufacturers are promoting the adoption of EVs. The global Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) industry shows rapidly growth trend.
On the basis of application, the infrastructure has been classified into commercial and residential. The commercial segment, which includes chargers at non-residential places, is expected to witness the fastest CAGR from 2019 to 2025 owing to the initiatives and allocation of funding by the governments and automobile manufactures for expanding the public EVCI infrastructure.

Manufacturers are now focusing on the development of residential and commercials EV chargers to expand their geographical presence and to enable cost-effective deployment of EV charging network. Increased deployment of EV charging stations at public places, such as shopping malls, commercial apartments, airports, railway stations, paid parking facilities, and restaurants, is anticipated to drive the commercial segment in future.

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