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Top 5 Things to Know When Buying A Home EV Charger

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While many people charge their electric vehicles at work, most owners also purchase a charging station for their home. There are many residential chargers on the market, which can make it daunting to select the best option. Here are some factors to think about when you buy a home EV charging station to quickly recharge your car battery.

Charger Location Matters
While many drivers have garages, some may need to install their electric vehicle home charger outdoors, where it is less protected from the elements. When buying a charging station, pay attention to the unit’s durability: will it last when exposed to sun, wind, and water in the long term? The (AE-H-7) charger will. The (AE-H-7) features a durable case that is both fireproof and waterproof.
When installing your charging station, look for the right location, which is often limited by a home EV charger cable length. With its longer than most charging stations of comparable price, the (AE-H-7) gives greater flexibility over where it can be installed.
ev charger,electric vehicle home charger,a home ev charger
Keep Size and Portability in Mind
Home chargers vary in size, with some quite large and others small, or even portable. Determine where you want to install your charging station and choose a model that fits well in the available space. Most charging stations are too big and bulky to move or require hardwiring by an electrician, but with its compact size, the AE-H-7 is a breeze to install. It can be also be removed from its wall mount, allowing you to take it with you on your travels or when you move.
ev charger,electric vehicle home charger,a home ev charger
Installation Does not Have to Be Hard

No one wants to spend hours installing a charging station, and many people often hire electricians to install their chargers in their home. Installation costs can vary and should be taken into account when purchasing a charger. The AE-H-7 home charger (plug-in version) is easy to install because it comes with compatible plug that works in a standard dryer or RV outlet, or it can even be plugged into a regular 120 volt wall outlet using a charging adapter. AE-H-7 charges Tesla cars with appropriate adapters too.

ev charger,electric vehicle home charger,a home ev charger

When You Charge Affects Your Electricity Bill
Utility electric rates vary at different times of the day, depending on the overall usage of the grid. As electric cars require a lot of electricity, it can be expensive if you charge your electric car at home during peak times, especially with other electrical appliances turned on. However, with AE smart EV charging, a feature of the AE, your EVSE communicates over your home WiFi with our servers and charges your car automatically during the off-peak times that you select, which saves you money and reduces the toll on the power grid.

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